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Thinking about the marketer's scope of work, how can I better control my work?

Hello, I am a new marketer who has just joined the marketing team. :) My first marketing team was set up inside the company, but I am also learning as an I-Boss shooter because this company is my first job and marketing as my first job. Thank you always.

Even though it takes a while now, I study and work with the feeling of heading to the ground, but the more I do, the more I think that marketing is really broad and I can't handle it alone. It's not easy to do either. Then, I think I'm getting an overload on my head, so I wanted to hear advice from other experts on how to control the work and how to work on it.

As of now, I am in 1:1 order with the boss, discuss channel operation and budget planning, and then need content to operate the channel. If I pass it to the designer, the designer makes some cyan, but how far should I get involved? The content itself needs a designer's sense, and from a marketing point of view, the brand tone, the message to be conveyed, etc. should be revealed. Asked what it was like. So, am I trying to control the designer too? I don't think that's right, but are you too stubborn? I think I'm not sure where to get involved.

Another thing is that the marketer is mainly in charge of myself, and there are also two designers who are in charge of product service design (the field is an educational web/mobile service). I'm going to do some specific planning, such as feeling, arrangement, and so on, and I also thought that I should develop a design sense, and if they were busy, I also thought about how much I should be able to do tools or designs. . Also, performance analysis, data analysis, etc. are the parts that I have to do, and when I am new to everything, is there too much to learn and study in the overflowing work, so can I afford this alone? You have to ask yourself. There is also an obsessive compulsive feeling, and I feel tired before even starting.

I'm going to try and think positively and try to think positively that it will be a career and spec that will be built up in the future if I can challenge, bump, fail, and undergo a lot of trial and error. I don't have a place to tell or advice, so I'm looking for advice from Iboss.

Even if you worry and think about it, there is only an answer, but if you do not relieve this burden and relieve the burden, draw a picture of yourself growing up in the future (I'm actually greedy) and if you can bear the burden of yourself I wrote a worry article because it was good. Thanks for reading the long article. It's difficult to worry and worry 

Spend! Win! Earn!

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