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Beautiful girl action'girl cafe gun', studded voice actor voice video released

BILIBILI HK LIMITED (hereafter Billy Billy) announced on the 9th that it will release the video of the stellar voice actor who developed by Seasun Games and plans to service the mobile shooting action RPG'Girl Caffe Gun'. 'Girl Cafe Gun' is an anticipation that has attracted much attention in Korea since its debut at the overseas game expo last year, and is about to launch in Korea in the first half of this year.

In this video, you can meet the charming voices of super-popular voice actors and girls with perfect personality implemented in Live2D with different grades. The animation-level directing that encompasses the vast worldview and the full voice voice support of all girls are extremely immersive, overwhelming audiovisual, and will provide fun differentiated from the existing beautiful mobile RPG.

'Girl Cafe Gun' is a mobile game that uses full LIVE 2D technology to conduct battles and cafe operations through lively characters. You can cultivate your own character in the cafe operation and daily life, and you can become more intimate by interacting with the character with the man-to-man sympathy system. Here, the girls fighting on the battlefield are woven together to complete a unique and immersive game.

'Girl Cafegun', which is scheduled to be pre-booked in the future, currently provides pre-booking information and test events through the teasing page, and the official café accumulates and rewards in-game rewards whenever the number of target members is reached. For more information on games and events, please visit the official cafe.

An official from Billy Billy said, “A girl cafe with a few days before the start of advance reservations has tried to solve some of the game's curiosity to users through the video. I ask for your attention.”

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